Provo River Rock

This rock has been the summer gathering spot for a long long time. My grandpa used to come here as a child and I continue to go every summer.

The rock is located just North East of Vivian Park in the Provo River. The rock is an extreme swimming spot because of a deep eddy on the side of the rock. The water in that location is approximately 10 feet deep which allows swimmers to jump, dive, flip, and whatever else into the current.

If you go under the water, the current drags you a little bit down the river, but don't worry because the water shallows out and you pop up safe and sound in a couple feet of water.


Drive towards Heber on U.S. Route 189, for 6 miles. On the South side of the River, there is Vivian Park where you can park. Get out of your vehicle and walk along the train tracks toward Heber, do not follow the bike path in the opposite direction. Follow the tracks for about 1/4 mile. The rock is noticeable in the water. Be sure to jump towards the houses. Type Vivian Park, UT 84604 into your phone for directions here.

Photography: Utah Unique

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